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Fine Artisanal Belgian Chocolates

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Chocolates Bars, Pralines and Truffles Handmade in Brooklyn, New York

Our Collection has 16 varieties or chocolate bars and many sizes of boxes available for the pralines assortments. Most are made to order and can be entirely customized, from th eflavor and filling to the label and box color, size, and material. A handwritten note may of course be added for your oved one. See ou rprevious Assortment Collections.

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Our Collection

Dark Chocolate bars $8

  • 72% Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Roasted Hazelnut
  • Almonds and Sea Salt
  • Raspberry and Sea Salt
  • with fillings
  • Chewy Caramel
  • Spicy Raspberry and Pistachio
  • Lemon and Black Pepper
  • Cafe PralinĂ©
  • Mint Creme
  • Speculoos 'n Cream
Or anything you can imagine

White Chocolate Bars

  • Strawberry Hazelnut
  • Manon Walnut and Coffee
  • Matcha PralinĂ©
  • Matcha Strawberry

Milk Chocolate Bars

  • Solid Milk
  • Caramelized Hazelnut
  • Double PralinĂ©
  • Almonds and Raspberry

Chocolate Boxes!

  • 6 Pieces $30
  • 12 Pieces $50
  • 24 Pieces $90
  • 25 Pieces Ultimate Assortment $275

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