Chocolats Meurens

Fine Artisanal Belgian Chocolates

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Custom Pralines, Truffles and Chocolates Bars, Handmade in New York City

Our Collection has seasonal varieties of truffles and chocolate bars, and many sizes and styles of boxes available for pralines assortments. Handmade in in the Belgian tradition, everything made to order and can be entirely customized, from the flavor and filling to the label and box color, size, and material. A handwritten note may of course be added for your loved one. See our Assortment Collection.

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Pralines Assortments

New style

Très petit, très mignon. 12 varieties available:

Pralines de chocolat in its purest expression.

Extra-fresh chocolate pralines filled with fresh buttercream. Made to order, they're best for about 2-3 weeks. Cream is a white chocolate super creamy buttercream, including the Strawberry Cumin. Others are dark chocolate buttercream.

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Pistachio Cream
  • Raspberry Cream
  • Raspberry Noir
  • Orange Cream
  • Orange Fennel Cayenne
  • Strawberry Cumin
  • Café Cream
  • Café Espresso
  • Café Praliné
  • Café Manon
  • Dark Praliné

Espresso and Dark Chocolate Pralines

Dark Ganache in Milk Chocolate Pralines

Espresso and White Chocolate Pralines

Cafe and Cognac in Dark, Milk and White Chocolate

Pralines au cafe

Dark Roast Coffee in fresh Buttercream

Spicy Gold Pralines

With Orange Zest, Fennel and Cayenne Pepper

6 Raspberry Pralines

With Framboise Buttercream

24 Pralines Chocolate Box

Assortments Boxes

12 Pralines Chocolate Box

We can add a handwritten to your gift.
Other sizes boxes may also be available, such as 2 pralines, 4, 9, 18 and 25.
Contact us for volume pricing
Delivery and Catering available in NYC

Everything is made to order please allow 2-3 days before shipping

Chocolate Nostalgia

Born and raised in Liege, Belgium, your chocolatier was surrounded by chocolate houses and confectioners. Driven by the search of this flavor, this heritage of unique delicate luscious sensual long-lasting tender and wild nuttiness, the Chocolats Meurens are handmade in New York City with the best of belgian traditions: truffles and pralines.
Not only dark chocolate, but also milk which can be very intense, and white that can be so fresh it tastes like ice cream. Sweet, filled with real things: nuts, fruits, creams, caramel.
Not industrial, this is personal.
Made in Brooklyn, by a musician who came to New York with a saxophone, some clothes and a few pounds of chocolates which all melted on the way from the airport. It was the middle of August, it was 11c in Belgium and 99F in New York.
It was the beginning of a quest. a quest for life and the chocolate soon became not only a comfort food, the "food from home", it also created enthousiasm and sparkles in the eyes of the people who would come around his way. And after years of refining his personal craft the decision was taken to take into account that both mother and father's families where in the business (ice cream and fruit syrups respectively) and that it was time to honor these lovely traditions, and enter the fabulous world of sweet creations...

Gallery and Custom Orders

Ebony box Assortment

35 Different Pralines made to order with all different styles and flavors, 5 rows of Pralines with Nuts, Fruits, Coffee, Liquor and Spice, from lighter and delicate to profound and intense.

Custom Chocolate Bars

The white chocolate bar with almonds and sea salt was first a friend's request, followed soonly by a pistachio and sea salt.

A vast variety is available, from flavors to the wrapper. An app is in development which will allow you to preview everything. As for now, email us for a quote.


A baby shower! With Absinthe, Ardbeg Scotch for Dad, Raspberry and Hazelnut for future Mom.

Custom Packaging

Custom label and custom flavors. This one included a Rosemary Walnut Buttercream.

Espresso, Cappuccino, Caffe Latte

with a Cognac and Coffee Praliné .

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We are looking for investors to take it to the next level!

We also do classes, degustations, tastings and pairings, and events such as caterings, making truffles or other chocolate delights live.

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