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an entirely customizable chocolate bar !
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Gourmet Chocolate Bars

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Generously sized, all Natural, with creamy or buttery fillings, mousses and nuts pastes.

Bars are 5' long, 3/4' tall, 1' 1/4 wide, weight 2 to 3 oz.
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Chocolate Mousse

Serie Mousse
  • Mousse au Chocolat whipped dark chocolate moussse
  • Café with a fresh brewed espresso shot
  • Framboise with raspberry puree
  • Grand Marnier the essence of exotic oranges

All bars in this serie contain a drop of Cognac
Serie Nuts/Noix
  • Double Hazelnut with Gianduja, a hazelnut paste and also whole roasted hazelnuts.
  • Spicy Pecan Honey Butter ganache with honey roasted pecan nuts and cayenne pepper
  • Pistachio ground pistachio, pistachio paste, whole pistachios, Rose Flower Water
  • White Praliné Praliné in Belgium means a caramelized roasted hazelnut paste. Mixed with butter, chocolate, pieces of roasted almonds and hazelnuts. Shell is white chocolate on top, dark in the bottom.
This serie is alcohol-free
Serie Blanc
  • Pistachio and Sicilian sea salt
  • Almonds and Sicilian sea salt
  • Praliné with Hazelnut and Cashew
  • Manon Walnut and Coffee buttercream

This serie is alcohol-free